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Inspired by the great 8-Bit JRPGs of the past, this pack contains 10 loopable tracks (+5 bonus SFX!) that will give your retro game a feel that is a sword slash above and launch it beyond the ordinary jam game pile.


This pack is ideal for any retro-styled fantasy game, be it RPG, strategy, adventure, etc. The tracks were produced using industry standard tools to be as consistent and true as possible to the old-school gaming sound while still having catchy and memorable melodies that will keep modern players engaged and excited.

These tracks were all written, mixed, mastered, and exported to be the highest quality and the easiest to add to your game engine of choice. They are pre-looped, so that they will just work.

This version of the pack also includes 5 different file types for all of the music! You’ve got your choice of .WAV, .FLAC, .MP3, .OGG, and even .M4A. No need to convert - they’re all there!

The sooner you grab this pack, the sooner you can finish and launch your game!


01. Title Screen Theme (LOOP) [0:32]

02. Home Theme (LOOP) [0:32]

03. Small Town Theme (LOOP) [0:32]

04. Shop Theme (LOOP) [0:20]

05. Dungeon Theme (LOOP) [0:51]

06. Regular Battle Theme (LOOP) [0:27]

07. Boss Theme (LOOP) [0:42]

08. Boss Battle Theme (LOOP) [0:41]

09. Game Over Theme (LOOP) [0:34]

10. Victory Theme (LOOP) [0:32]



01. Battle Lost

02. Battle Start

03. Battle Win

04. Press Start (Title Screen)

05. Trouble (Impending Battle)



Audio File Types: 14 .WAV Files (10 Music Tracks, 5 SFX)

Sample Rate: 44100Hz

Bit Depth: 32-bit

Stereo/Mono: Stereo

Loopable: Yes (Music-only)

LICENSE DETAILS  (Last updated: 05/07/2022)

Purchasing this asset pack grants the purchaser the following non-exclusive perpetual license to the audio content contained:

You may use the contents of this pack in non-commercial or commercial media productions - there is no limit on the number of uses.

You may use the contents of this pack without attribution.

The assets contained within this pack may not be resold or redistributed as standalone content, nor may they be combined with other content to form packs for sale or distribution. 

You are not allowed to create derivative works (e.g. remixes, medleys, songs, etc.) and treat the final product as your own. Superficially modified content may not be repackaged and sold or distributed in any way. You may not utilize this content in a way that would allow the user of the media production to extract the licensed asset and use it outside of the relevant media production.

The copyright is retained by the licenser, Danny Mastrangelo. This license and its related content cannot be resold, sub-licensed, reassigned, or transferred. You are not allowed to upload these songs as your own content for streaming, sale, or download purposes.

A copy of this license is contained in the pack for your convenience. This license may be updated in the future for further legal clarification. The licensee agrees to the terms of the most recent (and therefore active) version of the license.

Should you have any questions, please consult the most recent (and therefore active) version of the license. Should it remain unclear, please comment below before purchasing. 


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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